See You Around


Lynn Horton is a freelance writer and editor who in another lifetime taught English and Creative Writing at McIntosh High School and later worked in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center.

Spring rains did not seem to dampen the determination of large numbers who turned out for the well-orchestrated Taste of Senoia this past Sunday afternoon. I had to double park in order to drop off a flyer advertising the Senoia Historical Society’s annual Yard Sale at the Masonic Lodge on Main Street, the hub of the festivities. Not a parking place to be had…anywhere…and it was still thirty minutes before the dinner bell rang and folks could trade dollar coupons for some of Senoia’s restaurant’s yummiest grub!
Friend and tireless volunteer, Linda Hagler, along with many others in the Optimist Club, arranged this feat with the cooperation of many, many merchants. Raffles and silent auction items added to the fun. Seems there is not a dull moment nor a weekend that Senoia doesn’t offer some kind of “Special Event” where guests of the once quiet little burg aren’t invited to gather and enjoy the efforts of one or another club, church or organization!
Coming up this Saturday, April 29 is the big Museum Yard Sale on Couch Street. Bill and I were acting as docents there last Friday, and the meeting room, back porch, and rear apartment were chock-a-block with “treasures.” Come early and get some real sweet deals.
Speaking of the real deal, Retired Colonel Angela Odom and her exceptionally bright eleven-year-old son Ryan, came to visit the Museum and Senoia for the first time last Saturday. Col. Odom will be speaking at the annual Memorial Day festivities hosted by the DDA, and she wanted to come do a bit of reconnaissance before the event.
After giving them a tour of the Museum, we set out in our golf cart to see the town. What fun to share the hustle and bustle of a Saturday afternoon in Senoia with newcomers. Angela and Ryan were squealing like kids on a carnival ride. “Just look at all the people! What is going on here? Oh my goodness! We thought this was just a little ole sleepy town!” Not any more, Colonel. Not anymore.
Ryan, who was loving the novelty of riding the streets in a golf cart and who could not stop exclaiming,
“Mom, all these people are waving at me!” He soon pronounced that he was starving and where was that ” great big ‘ol hamburger” I had promised when luring him from his home turf on a Saturday. We stopped in at Katie Lou’s and the Rib Platter looked more promising than a hamburger. He tasted Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time…loved the crust, leave the tomato…but cleaned his plate and agreed that the Ribs were “Fabulous!”
We drove over to The Veranda Inn where Angela will be signing copies of her book “Bronco Strong” on Memorial Day, and Ryan immediately charmed Laura Reynolds, owner/hostess of the Inn. The book is Colonel Odom’s effort to honor those who served and died under her command in Iraq. Almost half the book is filled with the “voices” of those soldiers, telling their own story, and will be of special interest to the many others who served under similar circumstances in the Middle East.
More touring, more waving, and then shock!! There was a huge corrugated metal wall at the end of Main Street. “What’s the Walking Dead?” “Zombies?” “No, thanks!” ” Don’t like zombies!” And more questions. “So these bunches of people are here to see what exactly?” Arched eyebrows? Yep. Some from Australia and most recently, Bill and I met a lady trying to slip down the street beside the Senoia Garden Shop who said, rather breathlessly, that she had come “all the way from Israel!” The sidewalks and streets are jam-packed most days with eager fans, not all from exotic locations, but most from outside of Georgia. All ages. Who would have guessed? Certainly not us when four years ago we moved from “too-busy” Peachtree City to the quiet little town just down the road. We just wave….
The rest of the hustle-bustle week was spent dashing from one end-of-the-year concert or drama production to planning meetings for several upcoming events. One is an August Homecoming Weekend at Sharpsburg Baptist Church (Bill and I are co-chairs), another the inaugural Storytelling Festival at The Veranda Inn sponsored by the Southern Crescent Storytellers taking place on September 16th. I am herding the cats on this one, too. Not to forget monthly programs at the Museum: Antonia Robinson the Artist in May and Suzanne Helfman of the historic Culpepper House who will be speaking in June.
We were just tickled beyond funny by granddaughter Erin’s role in the Starr’s Mill drama department’s “Check Please.” The Percussion Concert on Thursday was grandson Carter’s next to final performance with his High School band, and was fun as usual. Always fascinating what just those instruments can do. Wow! And tonight, enter tears, Sob…he will perform for the last time on the stage at The Willie Duke Auditorium at the Spring Concert. This is, for us, like going to Carnegie Hall to hear the Boston Pops! We will sorely miss this part of our relationship with “The Mill,” but Erin will perform from that stage for three more years. We happily look forward to watching this talented young woman as she grows in her craft. Busy. Busy. Bittersweet. Bittersweet.
OK. So mark your calendars. Don’t want you to miss a single event or opportunity to celebrate our town, our community, our county. See you around. Smiles, L




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